G Suite Basic, G Suite Business 20% Discount Code Request Form

How much does G Suite (Formerly Apps for Work) Cost?

  • G Suite Basic: $5/user/month

  • G Suite Business $10/user/month

Are there any discounts for new sign up or upgrade?

Yes! Complete this form and get a promo code for 20% Off 1st Year on G Suite Basic or G Suite Business.

Who are Eligible for G Suite Discount?

  • New G Suite Basic Sign Up

  • New G Suite Business Sign Up

  • Existing G Suite Basic, Upgrading to G Suite Business

How much will it cost for the 1st Year of Subscription after discount?

  • G Suite Basic: $4/User/Month (after coupon)

  • G Suite Business: $8/User/Month (after coupon)

For 10 Users, the coupon can save you $120 on your 1st Year with G Suite Basic, $240 for G Suite Business!



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