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PowerStation by Brunt! Multi-Functional Wireless Charging Hub [Kickstarter]

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PowerStation by Brunt! Multi-Functional Wireless Charging Hub [Kickstarter]

Brunt PowerStation | Multi-Functional Electronic Charging Stand
The Brunt PowerStation is a stationary multi device that supplies electricity in a variety of ways,
mobile-controllable electrical socket, ultra-fast USB charging port, and wireless charging.
We propose almost all current ways of using electricity in a beautiful and flexible way.

Desk Multi-Outlet | Evolution of the Multi-Outlet
Brunt PowerStation offers an AC multi-socket for more convenient life at the desk or table.
The 60 degree tilt angle, the result of careful observation, makes it easier to connect and
pull the plug from any position.

Fast USB Charging
As you can see from the electronic usage trend in the digital age, USB charging-type products are increasing.
The Brunt PowerStation offers two rapid USB charging ports and
a built-in module that is approximately twice as fast as the conventional charger.

(Performance may vary depending on the cable used.)
Wireless Charging | Easy to charge even when loaded
Wireless charging technology is hidden in the stand of the Brunt PowerStation. 
With three built-in coils, it is easy to charge even if you put a smartphone of any size horizontally or vertically. 
(Horizontal charging will be supported with phones larger than Galaxy Note size.)

Wireless charging perfectly work with smart phone without phone cases 
but if cases are flat surface and slim design, these can be used without any problems. 
(In case of using cases has uneven surface or too thick, these may not work with wireless charging.)

Smart Plug | Smart whenever, wherever
The Brunt PowerStation has a built-in smart plug that allows you to control the power of your electrical and
electronic products via mobile. With the Brunt App, you can conveniently control the power of your electronics
remotely anywhere, anytime. 
(Use the socket labeled Wi-Fi on the back of the PowerStation.) 

Voice Control | Order Using Your Voice
Use Brunt PowerStation with your own voice.
You can control Brunt PowerStaion by various voice recognition speakers.
You can feel a different lifestyle experience.

Automatic execution according to your locationThe Brunt app that is used with the Brunt PowerStation has auto-run capabilities.
Depending on the location you set, it will automatically turn on when you approach the location and
will automatically turn off when you go out of the location.

Convergence Multi-Outlet | Digital + Analog
It is not a simple electric charger. The Brunt PowerStation, which can hold frames, books, and notebooks, is an interior product that goes well with any space.
Designs | Raw + Industrial

The Brunt PowerStation is a bit different from the clean and simple recent electronics design trends.
It reflects the design philosophy that naturally adapts to spaces like furniture and small items, not electronic products.
It is important to harmonize practicality and space, but also pursue a design that can reveal a bit of the owner's taste.

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